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Our photographers main objective is to capture you property to the best of their ability and will be able to offer guidance and tips as to what will make the perfect photo. Our photographers will always try and assist you moving items if they feel the photo can be stronger if one included or excluded certain items. We ask that you bear in mind that each booking has an allocated time slot and that the photographer/s wont always be able to help you with everything. We have however put a few guidelines together that should help you get the property photo ready before a photographer visits your property. When in doubt, less is always more when it comes to showcasing your property.

General Tips

Please replace all blown light bulbs. Fresh flowers always add a bit of colour to the property. The best places to hide any distracting item/s would be in your hallway, storage cupboards or if necessary behind furniture such as the sofa or underneath the bed. Items could include children’s toys, large bean bags, bikes, strollers etc.

general tips
bedroom preparation


Bedrooms are best presented with neutral coloured bedding and plumped up pillows. It’s advisable to hide any distracting and/or personal items such as clothes, washing basket, and drinking glasses, water bottles, medication on bedside tables etc.

Tidy desks, paperwork and empty paper bins always help. Exercising equipment such as yoga mats, gym balls and dumbbells are best kept hidden. To ensure as little disruption to the photo-shoot as possible, items can also be hidden under/behind the bed or simply put in the hallway for the duration of the photo-shoot. For children bedrooms, it is best to place large toys, castles, and toy boxes in the hallway or along the walls so that the centre of the room is empty, showing as much floor space as possible.


Clutter is the main distraction in a kitchen. Is best to hide fridge magnets/artwork, kitchen towels, waste and recycle bins, and tidy as much of the kitchen surface as possible. Remember, you are showcasing your property and showing as much space, you do not want any potential buyers/tenants to be distracted by items. All dishes are best to be hidden in cupboards. Any food, spices, etc. are best hidden or clomped in a corner. Fresh flowers and straightened chairs will add a nice finishing touch.

kitchens preparation
reception room preparation

Reception Room

Plumped sofa cushions and we are halfway there! Also remember that coffee tables should be empty of clutter and hide personal items.

Birthday cards are also not advisable to leave on display. Please try to remove or hide extension leads, cables from lamps and laptop chargers as best you can.


Less is more! It is best to leave the wash basement with a bottle of branded soap. No toothbrushes, shavers and contact lenses! Bottles of shampoo and other toiletries are best left inside the bath, as the camera will not capture this. Alternatively, place such personal toiletries on the floor close to the door, as the camera will also not be able to capture this.

bathroom preparation

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RICS compliant floorplans to help with marketing your property as well as determining accurate pricing.

£ 55
/excluding VAT
  • Up to 2500 sq ft
  • 0.5p extra per sq ft
  • jpg, gif and vector file


12 Professional photographs edited to the highest standard, make your property stand out.*

£ 55
/excluding VAT
  • Highest standard of editing
  • High-res for printing
  • Additional photographs available

full package

We will deliver to you the full project (photos & floorplan) which will allow you to get the instruction live before your competitors.

£ 85
/excluding VAT
  • 24 hour turnaround
  • Contact sheet on request
  • Cost-effective


Impress your clients with an awe-inspiring virtual walk-through experience.

£ 280
/excluding VAT
  • Up to 2500 sq ft
  • £25 extra per 500 sq ft
  • Market leading technology

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